Every successful business has one or more KEY PERSONS. Some refer to them as "Rainmakers." They are responsible for critical areas like new customer relationships, sales, new product or service development, accounting, process management and employee supervision.

When that Key Person is unable, either temporarily or permanently, to do their job, there needs to be an effective back-up plan so the company and your customers are not left out in the dark.  

The loss of owner or key employee talent even for a couple of months can threaten investor and customer confidence.  It can cause problems with employee job security, and possibly nullify the hard work that has gone into the company over many years.  We assist company management in developing a viable plan with appropriate financial tools.  At such a critical time it's crucial to implement that plan immediately so the company can continue to successfully function.

In this area, time is not only money.  It can mean the difference between the continued existence or the failure of the business you have worked so hard to create.  A little time and a little money wisely invested now can mean you have a functioning fire hose when the fire starts.  You don't want a sinking feeling in your stomach when you remember the fire hose never even got ordered!


 Please let's find the time to discuss this critical subject so you can go back to having a good sleep at night.

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