Is it your most valuable asset 



Does the following describe you ? 

  • In developing your career you have spent a number of years getting valuable experience  and/or education.

  • You now have a good-paying job.

  • If for some unforeseen reason you lost your present job, you would not be out of work for very long because of the positive reputation you have earned in your field and in your community.

  • Career-wise you have a bright future ahead of you.

If the above statements describe you then you are to be congratulated.

Would you agree that at this stage of your life your most valuable asset is your ability to bring home a reasonable paycheck ?

If your answer to this last question is "YES" then what have you done to protect your Most Valuable Asset ?

If you were in a serious auto accident or if your doctor told you that you have colon cancer and will have to go into surgery right away, your Most Valuable Asset could disappear.  If either of those were to happen, what would that do to your life and what would you do next ?

If you were to lose your income,

what would you have left


If you take action now, you may have another option that could dramatically change your life even if you are unable to work, for a period of time.

Contact us now and we can explore together how if your paychecks stopped, you could have an income during a disability so that even if you cannot work you need not be without income.

With your Income Shield in place it will make life much easier as you recover and/or have time to see where you go from here.



Our Passion Is To

Protect Your Income

What Clients Say

I have worked with Dick Nehls for approximately twenty years.  He has served me very well in both personal and complex business matters related to insurance.

I have benefited greatly by his advice and unrelenting dedication to obtaining proper and well-thought-out business and personal insurance coverages.

I recommend Mr. Nehls without any reservation for any business/insurance-related services.

Clifford N. Fowler, D.D.S.,  M.S.


Retired Dentist Specialized in 

Periodontics and Dental Implants

Dick's work and attention to detail on my accounts has been a life saver.

His many years of insurance experience and his impeccable honesty and integrity has resulted in years of great service and a great friendship.

You can take his advice and counsel to the bank.

Jack Kimmich

Business Owner :

Hydro Tech Transport

Division of Soils To Grow

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