# 12 - Why ?

If you wonder why we have added this new feature (Live : Long & Well) to our blog site, here is the answer.

I know personally what it’s like to be unable to work productively for 3 years, since my battle with colon cancer. After 2 abdominal surgeries removing 16" of my large colon, 6 months of chemotherapy and 24 days in the hospital I learned that cancer really is a game-changer. I would not want anyone to go through what my wife and I experienced emotionally, physically and financially.

In future posts we will be sharing information that may maximize your health now and in the days and years to come. People are living longer than in prior generations. If given the choice, why not make those added years as healthy and productive as possible, both physically and mentally.

We have been understanding that THERE’S A LOT MORE THAT WE CAN HAVE CONTROL OVER , concerning our health, than most of us realized. You may be discovering the same. Feel free to send us ideas you have on this subject. We can learn together.

Much of this blog and the accompanying web site is dedicated to helping those who might suffer a loss of health not to suffer a loss of income as well.

I am on a vital mission to replace your lost income, should you ever need it.


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