# 14 - Calif. SDI

Calif. SDI

California State Disability Insurance

If you are a non-government employee working in the State of California you are likely covered by the short term State Disability Insurance plan. If in doubt look on your payroll stub for “Ca state SDI”. You can also check with your supervisor.

Here is a brief description of benefits :

  • Waiting period is 7 days : There will be no benefit during this period. Benefits start on the 8th day of disability.

  • Benefits usually are for non-work related illness, injury, pregnancy or childbirth. If your absence is work related, ask your employer for information about your Workers Compensation benefits.

  • Your medical provider will be asked whether you are unable to work and your medical records may be requested.

  • You must be unable to perform your regular or customary work and be under the care of a treating physician.

  • Benefit amount is 60% to 70% of your regular wages, depending on the amount of your income, to a weekly maximum benefit of $1,252 [2019].

  • If you are receiving benefits from either sick pay or federal Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), those benefits may reduce the amount you receive from SDI.

  • This program is made possible through employee payroll deductions.

  • Benefits are paid for a maximum period of 52 weeks (approximately 1 year).

  • Claims must be filed no later than the 49th day after disability.


This is only a brief description of the basics. For more information go to the California Employment Development Department website at www.edd.gov.

We do not offer advice on SDI claims, so if you are having difficulty in that area and have exhausted what the Employment Development Department can tell you, seek the advice of an attorney who specializes in disability law. Look in the phone book or on the internet for attorneys specializing in “Social Security and Government Law”.

Sources used in preparation of this post were : edd.gov, wikipedia.org, and nolo.com.


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