# 18 - Coronavirus Reality Check

The startling spread of the Coronavirus that is going around the world has turned many lives upside down. One positive thing to take away from this tragedy is an increased recognition that we are ALL vulnerable to the possibility of our income being interrupted by a serious illness or injury.

The trigger event could be a heart attack or stroke, breast or prostate cancer, a severe auto accident or other threats that could happen without warning. Any of these can stop the flow of income to our business if we are a business owner, and/or cause the loss of our regular paycheck to support our families.

If we casually take our usual good health for granted we put ourselves and those we care about unnecessarily at risk. It is too easy to think “that will never happen to me”. “Or if it does, my employer will take care of me” or “the government will provide for my needs.” These are dangerous myths that could cost you dearly if you don’t have in place an adequate, long-term alternate source of income in case our paychecks are taken away.

Where can that alternate resource come from ? A tailor-made solution to this need is an adequate, quality, long-term income protection plan that is custom designed for you and your specific situation. Such a plan only costs about 1% to 3% of your gross income. If it is needed it could be one of the smartest decisions you will ever make and you can do it at such a modest cost!

The point is that if you are a business owner and if your business is successful now, why not keep it that way and even see it grow to enjoy greater success? Get your own unique business protection plan as a top priority. Without it you stand to give up control of what you have worked so hard to create and nurture. Please don’t just say, “I know this is important and I need to do something about it soon.” That is an inadequate response. Based on the dramatic upheaval brought on by the current coronavirus pandemic, none of us has a guarantee about what tomorrow brings. Make sure your alternate income plan is set up NOW while you are still healthy and can qualify for this protection. You have the authority and you are the one who gets the big bucks to make tough decisions that no one else can make! Decide in your guts that this will get done immediately. Call today to get the ball rolling.

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