# 21 - Quality Counts

We offer the king of income protection contracts. So, what is so special about

what we offer ? As with all contracts, words matter. This is one of those places where if it is not in the contract, you don't get that benefit.

The chart below illustrates why these contracts are head-and-shoulders above much of what is offered to protect your income.



Guarantees : Non-Cancellable and Guaranteed Continuable

This definition provides the maximum protection for you. As long as you pay the premium on time the insurance company is bound by their contract with you to : 1) Not cancel your contract, 2) Not change the wording of your contract, 3) Not change the amount of your benefit, 4) Not change the premium, 5) Pay claims as soon as possible.

Partial and Total Disability

Most other coverages pay only when there is a total disability. It should be noted that most claims are partial, not total.

Future Increase Benefit

At specific times you can increase the monthly benefit to match your increases in income.

Cost Of Living

While you are on claim and receiving a benefit it will increase so your monthly benefit payments can help keep up with inflation.

  • Some of these benefits may be riders, and not part of the basic contract, so you can choose, or not choose, to have them included in your contract. This flexibility is under your control. We can use this flexibility to make the contract match your income and your budget.

  • The above are some of the most important of the benefits available in this contract but are only a sampling, so ask and we can explain what is available in your specific situation.

  • Protecting your income is protecting your future. Because of the complexity involved, it is best to have someone helping you who has devoted many years to the study of what is available to match your needs and budget to what is currently available in the income protection marketplace. It is not best to have someone designing your plan who is learning at your expense.


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